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Welcome to the Fee and Expense Metrics Assessment

What's included in this section

  1. Fee and expense metrics framework
  2. Total Global Expense Ratio (TGER)
  3. Real Estate Expense Ratio (REER)
  4. Disclosure requirements

The objective of this module is to clarify the calculation and disclosure of the INREV fee and expense metrics: The Total Global Expense Ratio (“TGER”) and the Real Estate Expense Ratio (“REER”). The checklist allows to evaluate the level of compliance with the requirements of the INREV Fee and Expense Metrics.

In March 2020 the Fee and Expense Metrics module was updated with the TGER which sets out a standardised approach for measuring the total fees and costs of real estate investment vehicles, enabling investors and managers to compare vehicles across different regions. TGER will be a required element of the INREV Guidelines after a transition period which will run until January 2021. During the transition period, from March 2020 until Jan 2021, two versions of the assessment tool are available, one referencing TER and the other referencing TGER. 

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