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Solvency II EU / UK

Solvency II is an EU directive creating a framework to harmonise the capital adequacy requirements of European insurance companies. INREV works to make sure that the data used to calculate the proposed standard capital requirement for real estate reflects the actual volatility of European real estate.

The UK government is currently reviewing Solvency II rules. INREV works to ensure an appropriate treatment for real estate investments funds.


Property industry submission on Solvency II matching adjustment reform  

Published on 05 Apr 2023

On 23 March, INREV together with other industry associations submitted a joint statement to the UK HM Treasury on Solvency II matching adjustment reform. The industry welcomed the government’s objectives to support insurance firms in supplying long-term capital to underpin growth and asked for further clarifications around the applicability of the changes to the real estate sector.

INREV response to HM Treasury Solvency II Review  

Published on 27 Jul 2022

On 18 July, INREV filed a response to HM Treasury’s Solvency II Review consultation suggesting improvements that would free up insurers’ capital to support important government policy initiatives including financing of the real economy and green transition.

INREV files response to Solvency II review consultation  

Published on 20 Oct 2020

On 20 October, INREV filed a response to the European Commission’s Solvency II Review Consultation. The responses will be an important input to the Commission review process of the Solvency II framework.

Solvency II and its Implications for the Non-Listed Real Estate Industry Webinar  

Published on 16 May 2017

This webinar, led by Craig Turnbull, Investment Director at Standard Life, and Jeff Rupp, Director of Public Affairs at INREV, will provide participants with an overview of the directive and its requirements. The webinar will also provide participants with a better understanding on the current real estate investment drivers for insurers.

Real estate investment under Solvency II  

Published on 09 May 2017

On 10 May INREV published a snapshot of the recent MSCI Solvency II update which confirms that the standard model real estate SCR of 25% does not reflect the volatility of real estate investment in Europe. We are using the new data to encourage policy makers to adopt an SCR that more accurately reflects the documented risk.

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