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Become a member of INREV

Is your business in the European non-listed real estate investment industry? Join our community of 450 corporate members, including institutional investors, fund managers, fund of funds managers and advisors. As an investor led organisation INREV aims to have investors representing at least 20 percent of our member base.


One membership, unlimited access

INREV corporate members gain exclusive, unlimited access for all their employees to industry best practices,
market insights, networking opportunities, expertise from leading players, new innovations in the sector, and much more...

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INREV offers three types of corporate membership:

INREV Annual Membership Fee

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Types of INREV membership

INREV annual membership fees are inflation linked from 2021 onward:



Available to all those working in the European non-listed real estate investment industry as investors, qualifying to the INREV investor definition. Investor members have access to all INREV benefits, as well as the right to vote during INREVs Annual General Meeting. In addition, one free seat at the Annual Conference is included in the membership fee, plus a second (invoiced) guaranteed seat. 


Available to all those working in the European non-listed real estate investment industry, including investment banks, investment managers, funds of funds/ multi-managers as well as service providers, such as advisors, agencies, accountants and lawyers. Non-investor members have access to all INREV benefits, as well as the right to vote during INREVs Annual General Meeting. Non-investor members receive one (invoiced) guaranteed seat for the AC, except for qualifying funds of funds/multi manager members who receive two (invoiced) guaranteed seats.



Available to non-profit research institutions and universities. Academic members have access to many INREV activities and events, as well as other benefits such as participation in committees, but cannot vote during the INREV Annual General Meeting.

An Introductory Fee is available to investors, according to the INREV investor definition except fund of funds/multi manager or organisations that previously held an INREV membership for the first 24 months. Investors during an introductory fee period are entitled to the same membership benefits as investor members, except for a free seat at the Annual Conference. The reduced membership fee is €2,500 annually for the first 24 months, after which the relevant Investor-membership fee applies. 

A Research Subscription is also available for non-Europe based investors. It offers the same member benefits as included in investor-membership and has the same annual subscription fee as the annual membership fee or introduction-membership fee for investors.

The annual membership fee is inflation linked from 2021 onward.




How to join INREV?

All members gain direct access for an unlimited number of employees to the exclusive members-only sections of our website, receive our newsletters, have access to INREV publications, and receive invitations to INREV events and training courses. Just follow this simple process to apply for membership:

1. Apply

Fill out, sign PDF and return the membership application form to info@inrev.org.

2. Approval

Within 2 weeks after submitting signed form, you will receive confirmation of your application. Approval is at the discretion of our Management Board.

3. Access

Once approved, all employees can create an account to access membership-only products and services.




Representing the industry

Guidelines and assessments

Learn industry best practices and assess your vehicles’ structure and governance against industry standards. INREV members enjoy access to the assessments, which allow members to self-assess their vehicles' compliance with the INREV Guidelines and compare their compliance against peers.

Analytical tools

From asset allocation to performance measurement, our tools allow peer-to-peer and market comparison. INREV members have access to our index analysis tools which let members slice and dice to make their own tailored indices. Members can also export vehicle data from our vehicles universes, and Annual and Quarterly Index reports.

Research and data reports

Anticipate the direction of the non-listed real estate industry globally with our surveys and reports. Members enjoy access to full reports of our annual surveys, academic research papers and ad-hoc research studies.

Tax and Regulations

Stay informed of the latest developments in tax and regulatory issues, and join the dialogue with European policy makers. Members have access to monthly tax and regulations briefing calls on key subjects, as well as country-by-country guides on tax and regulatory issues and OECD BEPS reporting.


Be inspired and meet your peers at a wide variety of events throughout Europe, covering all career levels. Most of our events are free for INREV members, and our flagship event, the INREV Annual Conference is exclusively for members.


For professionals, by professionals – our pioneering training programme covers everything from the fundamentals to emerging thinking, online and in person. Members enjoy a discounted rate at all of our training courses, and free access to our live and recorded webinars.


Share your contact details with fellow INREV members and search our database of over 4000 contacts. Only INREV members have access to contact details of fellow members.

Young Professionals

Register for one of our dedicated events and foundational training courses, or read our IQ Magazine beginners’ guides. All of our young professionals events are free for members, including local Link and Learn events and Get Togethers.


Questions about INREV membership?

Please don't hesitate to contact us.

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