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COVID-19: Resource Hub

We understand that the current situation in light of the COVID-19 outbreak presents a span of challenges for our members. In consultation with our membership community, we’ve sought to ascertain the main themes and topics related to market information, standards and tax and regulations and we are committed to providing a variety of insights, practical guidance, demonstration videos and briefings for our members to use.

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Market Insights

To understand the brevity of impact on our industry, INREV has canvassed the views from membership in the form of a survey. The findings of these surveys conducted on a quarterly basis can be found here. 


Practical Guidance

To help our members to better respond and adapt in the current climate, INREV has published a series of practical papers on pricing, reporting and secondary markets.


Tax and Regulations

To help our members better understand and respond to the Tax and Regulatory issues in the current climate, INREV has published a variety of topical guidance and insights into the measures that have been implemented to lessen the impact on the industry.


Strengthen your position with INREV data

Real Estate Investments vary greatly by structure, exposure and style. Compare performance across the spectrum from Asset to Fund to Vehicle level using the vast suite of Market Information Indices available exclusively to INREV members. Slice and dice data and achieve greater granularity of insight into fund performance by using the custom built INREV Data Analysis Tool. 

Data Analysis Tools Market Indices


Online Events and Training

Ensure you keep on top of your industry knowledge by joining an online event or take part in an online training course or eLearning module.

Do you have any questions?

The team remain fully available during usual working hours and are fully reachable via the usual communication channels.

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