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Professional Standards Briefings

During INREV's regular Professional Standards briefings, a member of the Professional Standards team will be joined by an expert panel to discuss key topics and open up an opportunity for members to ask questions to the experts.

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Open End Fund Pricing 2020 Briefing  

Last updated on 30 Aug 2023

Constantin Sorlescu, INREV, John Ravoisin, PwC, Nick Brown, M&G Real Estate, Robert White, EY and John Forbes, John Forbes Consulting, discussed the recently launched Open End Fund Pricing consultation paper, including a highly relevant section in today’s uncertain times related to pricing policy during exceptional market circumstances.

Total Global Expense Ratio (TGER) 2020 Briefing  

Last updated on 16 Nov 2020

Constantin Sorlescu, Director of Professional Standards at INREV joined by Renaud Breyer, Partner at EY Luxembourg, and Andrew Muscat, COO/CFO at LaSalle Global Partner Solutions, shows you how to calculate TGER, including treatment and allocation of its main components, and how to make the transition from TER to TGER to ensure compliance with the INREV Guidelines.

Liquidity and Pricing in Current Market Circumstances 2020 Briefing  

Last updated on 13 Dec 2023

During the briefing, Constantin Sorlescu, INREV together with Thomas Kallenbrunnen, PGIM Real Estate, Nick Brown, M&G Real Estate, John Ravoisin, PwC and Robert White, EY discuss:

  • Liquidity requirements and secondary markets
  • Terms and rights of redemptions
  • Transparency and disclosures regarding pricing policy

Reporting During Exceptional Circumstances 2020 Briefing  

Last updated on 13 Dec 2023

Constantin Sorlescu, INREV will be joined by John Ravoisin, PwC and Renaud Breyer, EY provide guidance and considerations that may be appropriate for investment managers when reporting to investors in these uncertain times. Also read a short paper filled with reporting considerations related to COVID-19 and which are based on the INREV Guidelines.