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Returns for European non-listed real estate rebound into positive territory in Q3

Investors experience pockets of outperformance as the impact of COVID-19 eases

16 December 2020, Amsterdam – Results from the latest INREV Quarterly Asset Level Index reveal an uptick in performance for Q3 2020, with total returns moving back into positive territory following the negative performance posted in the previous quarter. 
Recording a total return of 1.20%, these results reflect the easing pressure from the COVID-19 pandemic on the European non-listed real estate industry.

Q1 2020 European real estate performance reflects impacts of COVID-19

Market participants display cautious approach to the future outlook

8 July 2020, Amsterdam –
Results from the INREV Quarterly Index for the first quarter of 2020  reveal initial signs of the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the European real estate industry, with the lowest quarterly performance since Q4 2012.

Total real estate returns dipped to 0.22% from 1.80% over the previous quarter, with capital growth slipping from 0.37% to -0.47% and distributed income falling from 1.43% to 0.68%.