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INREV is the leading education provider for the non-listed real estate industry. Our training programme provides best-in-class content, courses and webinars for all levels of professionals to grow throughout their careers. We combine cutting-edge industry know-how with academic rigour, offering a training programme for professionals – by professionals. We even offer a specialised certificate from Henley Business School.

INREV’s training programme is led by top professionals working at the forefront of the non-listed real estate industry. Our training courses and webinars provide a unique forum for accessible peer-to-peer education and exchange of professional best practices in our industry. We emphasise practical knowledge and hands-on learning, using real world examples and case studies.

Continuous improvement
We are continuously refining and developing our training programme to offer courses both on the fundamentals of our industry and on the latest innovations, new products, changing regulations and trends in the market. We like learning, too, and keep our trainers up-to-date with the latest teaching techniques.

Many sizes fit all
Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned veteran, we have a training course or webinar to keep your skills and knowledge up-to-date. Our courses are globally-focused and provide opportunities for junior, mid-level and senior professionals to deepen their knowledge of the non-listed real estate industry.

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Investment Analysis for Real Estate Investments

Investment analysis is a critical function in ensuring robust underwriting of acquisitions and maximising the income performance of assets. This online course, which takes place in two-hour sessions over four days, will use a combination of theory, an illustrative cash-flow model and a case study, to demonstrate best practice modelling techniques within real estate. It will consider the inputs and outcomes of cash-flow modelling, as well as examining limitations and how to critique results.

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INREV / Henley Training Certificate

INREV is dedicated to the development of the next generation of non-listed real estate professionals. INREV and Henley Business School have come together to offer the INREV / Henley Certificate in European Non-Listed Real Estate Investment. We are setting the educational standards for the industry. 

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