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Real Estate Financing


In the current challenging macroeconomic environment, there has never been a better time to educate yourself on the financing landscape and the different perspectives of lenders and borrowers. The course will be presented by leading industry experts with an emphasis on group discussions to allow participants to share their views.

If you are not an INREV member and wish to register, please contact INREV Academy.

Open for registration

The Attendance Fee is:
€750 for INREV members 
€1000 for non-members

If you are not an INREV member and wish to register, please contact INREV Academy

Learning goals

The course outlines the changing landscape of the industry, including financing and lending trends, players, and pricing for both senior and junior/subordinated debt from traditional lenders and emerging sources—such as debt funds and hedging strategies. The course looks at debt origination and management from a lender's side, which also offers insight into the debt funds market. It also examines the borrower’s perspective with insights into reporting, dealing with covenant breaches, and refinancing. In addition, the course will cover hedging and insights into optimal capital structures. 

This course will cover the following topics:

  • The latest developments in the real estate lending market
  • The real estate capital structure - senior and junior debt
  • The emerging role of debt funds and other alternative lenders
  • How investors will look at debt as an investment strategy and some of the benefits and drawbacks
  • How investment managers manage their relationship with their lending partners
  • Hedging strategies

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the latest developments in the real estate financing market
  • Understand issues for investment managers when issuing finance
  • Have a good overview of the needs of banks and other lenders when financing an acquisition or refinancing existing loans
Target Audience

This course is aimed at real estate professionals within the industry that would benefit from a wider perspective on real estate financing. This could include portfolio managers, analysts, associates, finance managers, controllers and investor relations.


Additional information

This course is open to INREV members and non-members and counts towards the INREV/ Henley Certificate for non-listed real estate investments.

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