Fund Manager ForumThe fund manager advisory council (formerly the fund manager forum management committee) was set up in 2008 to represent the interests of fund managers more effectively and address the needs of all industry players.

The role of the advisory council is to act as a strategic sounding board to the CEO and to provide fund manager input on future initiatives as well as to increase participation by fund managers in INREV's activities. Membership in the advisory council is by invitation.

The fund manager advisory council currently includes the following members:

  • James Raynor (Chair)
  • Grosvenor Continental Europe SAS
  • United Kingdom
  • Antoine de Broglie
  • STAM Europe
  • France
  • Bernhard Berg
  • Corpus Sireo 
  • Germany
  • Jeff Jacobson
  • LaSalle Investment Management
  • USA
  • Jo Allen
  • Frogmore Real Estate Partners Investment Managers Limited
  • United Kingdom
  • John Barakat
  • M&G Investments
  • United Kingdom
  • Leif Andersson
  • Sweden
  • Michael Morgenroth
  • CAERUS Debt Investments AG
  • Germany
  • Rob Wilkinson
  • AEW Europe
  • United Kingdom
  • Stein Berge Monsen
  • DNB Real Estate Investment Management
  • Norway

The fund manager forum is confined to INREV’s fund manager members. The forum takes place once a year at various locations throughout Europe.

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