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The aim of the ESG Committee (previously known as the Sustainability committee) is to emphasize the importance of environmental, social and governance factors in the non-listed real estate investment industry and to move the focus of sustainability from an asset level to a vehicle level. This will be achieved by improving the dialogue between investors and fund managers, increasing knowledge and market transparency and providing practical guidance for sustainable investments.

Key objectives

The committee will promote the topic of sustainability by hosting expert panels, roundtable discussions and contribute to training courses and webinars. Activities include developing best practices, case studies and examples of sustainable investments. The committee will also provide an overview of available market data on sustainability and provide guidance on the use, validity and meaning of this data.

  • Emphasize importance of ESG, on asset as well as vehicle level
  • Improve dialogue between investors and managers
  • Increase market transparency and support measurement of sustainability
  • Support academic work linking sustainability performance and financial performance

Committee members

Name Company Country
Christopher Wright (Chair) Norges Bank Real Estate Management Norway
Abigail Dean TH Real Estate United Kingdom
Barbara Maltha-Koppelman CBRE B.V.  The Netherlands
David Ironside LaSalle Investment Management Germany
Derk Welling APG Asset Management The Netherlands
Maaike Hof MN Services Vermogensbeheer The Netherlands
Nicole Braun Catella AB  Germany


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