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Q1 2020 European real estate performance reflects impacts of COVID-19

Market participants display cautious approach to the future outlook 8 July 2020, Amsterdam – Results from the INREV Quarterly Index for the first quarter of 2020 reveal initial signs of the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the European real estate industry, with the lowest quarterly performance since Q4 2012. Total real estate returns dipped to 0.22% from 1.80% over the previous quarter, with capital growth slipping from 0.37% to -0.47% and distributed income falling from 1.43% to 0.68%...

Capital raised for real estate investment pre-COVID-19 hits record high

Managers and investors likely to reappraise real estate strategies in face of pandemic 15 April 2020, Amsterdam – Real estate investment managers recorded a bumper year for capital raised globally in 2019, reaching a new high of €201.3 billion. The Capital Raising Survey 2020, published today by ANREV, INREV and NCREIF, also highlights a significant uptick in the volume of equity raised specifically for non-listed vehicles – increasing from €154.8 billion in 2018 to €196.4 billion in 2019. A substantial...

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Real estate investors set to move up the risk curve in 2020

17 January 2020, London – Institutional investors have signalled a greater appetite for risk in the year ahead, according to the global Investment Intentions Survey 2020, published today by INREV, ANREV and PREA. Twenty percent of global investors investing in Europe – including a majority of those domiciled in the region – cited ‘opportunity’ as their preferred investment style. This is up from 9.8% last year and marks the highest percentage since 2009.

Research highlights regional differences in total expense ratios

3 December 2019, Amsterdam – New research reveals a divergence of non-listed real estate total expense ratios (TER) between Asia Pacific and Europe. According to the INREV / ANREV Management Fees and Terms Comparison Study 2019, the average TER for non-listed real estate funds in Asia Pacific is 1.04% on a gross asset value basis (GAV) before performance fees, compared to 0.86% in Europe. The disparity also exists when TER is calculated on a net asset value (NAV) basis.

Market anticipates release of €13 billion real estate assets by 2021

09 September 2019, Amsterdam – The INREV Funds Termination Study 2019 reveals that 50 European closed end non-listed real estate funds are scheduled to terminate by 2021, releasing a potential €13.2 billion of assets back into the market. By 2028, 97 funds are expected to have terminated, representing €23 billion of net asset value (NAV). Most terminations are likely to take place in 2020, accounting for a total of 23 funds. Those funds terminating in 2021 show the strongest 12-year...