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INREV Guidelines Review – what you need to know

In 2021, seven years after the last major revision, we embarked on a review of the INREV Guidelines to see if additional guidance or changes were needed for the future of our industry. 


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INREV Guidelines Review

Phase 1: Complete and new updates delivered

The result of phase one of the review led to a revision of the Performance Measurement and the Governance modules of the INREV Guidelines. There will be a transition period of approximately one year, until the end of 2022, to give organisations time to put the updated modules into effect. A change log is also provided so that changes from the old versions are clearly identifiable. 

We also looked at what new changes or additions were needed to the DDQ – and this has resulted in a revision of the funds of funds DDQ, which was seven years old and a new appendix was created for social aspects. 

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