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Capital Raising Survey 2021Briefing  

Published on 07 May 2021

Vanessa Muscarà, Head of Research & Strategy at Europa Capital, Charles Conrath, Head of Strategy & Analytics at QuadReal Property Group and Connor van Leeuwen, Research and Analytics Analyst at INREV discuss the recent capital raising trends into non-listed real estate vehicles by region, investment strategy, style and structure.

European ODCE Annual Index  

Published on 26 Apr 2021

The Index is wholly comprised of open end core commingled equity real estate funds that have a strategy to invest across pan Europe and across multiple sectors. Funds must comply with a strict eligibility criteria for four consecutive quarters in a row to be included in the index.

INREV Annual Index  

Published on 26 Apr 2021

The INREV index is a performance index for the European non-listed real estate funds investing 90% of GAV or more in Europe. The INREV Index measures annual Net Asset Value based performance. The information for the annual index goes back to 2001. The Annual Index is published in the third week of April. INREV members are able to analyse the INREV Index in more depth on the INREV website using the INREV Index Analysis Tool.

Assets Under Management (AUM) 2021  

Published on 26 Apr 2021

The research results provide a clear overview of each component considered by investment managers used to calculate AUM and reflects the main differences in approach.

INREV Annual Conference 2021  

Published on 26 Apr 2021

INREV Annual Conference 2021 was held online on 20-22 April under the overarching theme of ‘Reinvention for Resilience: Getting ready for the new normal’.

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Taking stock: today’s economic landscape

  • Lonneke Löwik
  • Linda Yueh

The impact of COVID-19: moving from outbreak to long-term adaption

  • Andrew Vaughan
  • Bernard Penaud
  • Rob Wilkinson
  • Cristina García-Per

Who’s the client?: new relationships in non-listed real estate

  • Jos Sentel
  • Ilkka Tomperi
  • Mikkel Bülow-Lehnsby
  • John O’Driscoll

Building a sustainable inclusive industry

  • Serena Althaus
  • Ric Lewis
  • Andrea Carpenter

Today’s evolving institutional investing landscape

  • Iryna Pylypchuk
  • Jenny Buck
  • Timo Löyttyniemi
  • Jelle van der Giessen

Accelerating ESG through technology

  • Guy Grainger
  • Robert Laing
  • Matt Ellis
  • Guillaume Poitrinal
  • John Macomber