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The Nick Tyrrell Research Seminar 2019 presentations  

Published on 04 Mar 2019

The winners of the 2018 Nick Tyrrell Research Prize presented the findings from their paper, ‘Optimal Composition of Hybrid/Blended Real Estate Portfolios’, followed by a panel of experts who will discuss the practical applications of the research ideas.

Does specialisation lead to improved investment performance?  

Published on 17 Dec 2018

In deciding how to invest, a fundamental choice is whether to use a range of specialist funds or to rely on others to make decisions about which country or which sector to invest in. This study helps inform this decision by exploring the differences in investment performance between specialist funds and multi country or multi sector funds. 

Nick Tyrrell Prize Winning Paper 2018  

Published on 02 Oct 2018

The 2018 Nick Tyrrell Research Prize has been awarded to joint authors Dr Frank Ametefe and Dr Steven Devaney, both of the Henley Business School, University of Reading, with Professor Simon Stevenson of the University of Washington, for their paper, Optimal Composition of Hybrid/Blended Real Estate Portfolios.

Erwin Stouthamer Research Grant Seminar 2018 presentations  

Published on 26 Mar 2018

In memory of the late Erwin Stouthamer INREV and ANREV each awarded an academic research grant to two leading universities to carry out research on the topics of the real estate illiquidity premium and currency risk. During the seminar Professor Marc Francke from the University of Amsterdam presented highlights of the Real Estate Illiquidity Premiums study, and Nick Mansley from Cambridge University presented findings on the Impact of Currency Risk on the Performance of Asia Pacific non-listed real estate funds.

Nick Tyrrell Prize Winning Paper 2017  

Published on 10 Oct 2017

INREV, IPF and SPR have awarded the 2017 Nick Tyrrell Research Prize to Dr Avis Devine of the Schulich School of Business at York University, Toronto and Dr Erkan Yonder of Ozyegin University, Istanbul for their paper, ‘Decomposing the Value Effects of Sustainable Real Estate Investment: International Evidence’.

Status and influence of corporate governance 2015  

Published on 28 Jul 2015

The non-listed real estate industry has grown considerably over the last decade and with it the interests and needs of market participants. The research objective of this study is to examine the current status and the influence of corporate governance on the volatility and returns of non-listed real estate funds, and seeks to address the following questions:

  • How has corporate governance for the non-listed industry changed over the last twenty years?
  • How does corporate governance affect fund performance, risk, volatility and capital raising ability?