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Net Zero Carbon and the non-listed real estate industry

It is highly regarded that carbon emissions produced into the atmosphere at the current rate and raising global temperatures will cause a detrimental and irreversible effect on the planet and our way of life as we know it. The current trajectory will accelerate the impact on biodiversity and ecosystem services, cause broader economic disruptions and severely impact human life. 

Global energy-related emissions need to be ‘net zero’ by 2050 in order to have a fair chance to limit global temperature rise at 1.5C.  

Real Estate is at the centre of efforts to limit these changes and decarbonise energy supply and consumption. For real estate, “net zero carbon” is when the carbon emissions emitted because of all activities associated with the development, ownership and servicing of a building are zero or negative.  

Many investors and investment managers have set themselves targets to achieve Net Zero Carbon, and INREV is working on several initiatives to support its members in their ambitions.  

Guidelines and Regulations


New ESG reporting template standardising ESG KPIs for real estate investment vehicles


Global Definitions Database

Understand the terms associated with Net Zero Carbon and agreed by the industry 


Due Diligence Questionnaire – ESG appendix


INREV Guidelines

Sustainability Module


Typical ESG-related risks and Value at Risk


Global ESG Library – Net Zero Case studies


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