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Code of Tax Conduct ninth module in the INREV Guidelines

The INREV Management Board has approved the Code of Tax Conduct as a new best practice module in the INREV Guidelines from January 2021. The Code comprises a set of tax-related best practices designed to be applied across the lifecycle of a real estate investment vehicle’s strategy. It aims to achieve a shared vision on tax matters for the non-listed real estate investment industry and thereby to help INREV members address tax matters internally within their organisations and externally with regard to others’ expectations and interests. 

Closely linked to both corporate governance and ESG, a contemplated review of the INREV Guidelines in 2021 may consider whether and how to more closely integrate recommendations and best practices in these three areas within the INREV Guidelines. In addition, online tools for self-assessment of adopting the Tax Conduct best practices may also be developed this year.  

The Code of Tax Conduct will apply to reporting periods ending on or after 31 December 2021. The Code is being made available to members now so that they can become familiar with it throughout 2021, while INREV considers the appropriate next steps for further integration and support to members. 

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