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INREV is now registered with the CPD certification scheme

We’re pleased to announce that INREV is now registered with the CPD Certification Scheme. This means that select INREV training courses and events that you attend will count toward your CPD.
Which courses are accredited? 
Due to the rigorous qualification process, this year we will be publishing the courses which are CPD affiliated retrospectively. You will be notified after each course if the course counts or not. The vast majority of INREV courses will qualify for CPD and throughout the year we will announce this on a course by course basis. The ESG course which is currently running will be the first INREV course to qualify. 

Is the INREV / Henley Certificate going to be linked to the scheme? 
No, only individual courses.

Which Events are accredited? 
We will be making it known which events qualify for CPD on an event by event, retrospective basis although it will be only for the flagship events (Annual Conference, Young Professionals Conference, Autumn Conference) and expert seminars. 

How can I prove I attended a course or event? 
INREV will automatically send you a certificate of attendance upon full completion of a course and upon your request upon attendance of an INREV flagship event or expert seminar. 

How can I learn more about CPD? 
Take a look at the CPD website for further detailed information. https://cpduk.co.uk/explained  

Stay tuned to the CPD page for info on qualifying courses