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INREV reporting guidelines compliance reaches record levels

Overall compliance of INREV reporting guidelines has reached a record high of 85%, compared to 80% in 2017 according to the Trends in Investor Reporting. 
This year’s study shows that investor reporting and processes have improved and there’s a shift in the mindset of investment managers towards a more digitalised environment with ESG considerations becoming increasingly important. 

Key highlights include: 

  • Property valuation was the best adopted module, at 98% indicating that the valuation process is carefully set, monitored and reported.
  • An average compliance of 85% across the Reporting, Property Valuation, INREV NAV and Fee and Expense Metrics modules. 
  • INREV NAV reached a new high at 94% compared to 87% in 2017. 
  • Compliance with sustainability reporting went up to 73% from 55% showing how ESG issues are becoming increasingly important in strategy and processes. 
  • All respondents have or intend to invest in in information technology and/or data analytics in the future, especially in the areas of cyber security and boosting big data capabilities and visualisation. 
  • This study provides valuable insights into current market practices of investor reporting and the extent to which these comply with the requirements and recommendations of the INREV Guidelines. 
  • Investment Managers had the opportunity to submit their assessments and in return they will receive individual tips and advice for further compliance.

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