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Navigating the digital landscape: managing smart buildings

In recent years, the term ‘smart buildings’ has surged in relevance, yet its exact definition eludes many. With technological progress, the real estate industry is increasingly incorporating smart features into new constructions and retrofit projects, standardising access to smart buildings. These advancements support sustainability efforts by curbing energy consumption, enhancing tenant well-being, and furnishing decision-makers with richer data and transparency.

In our latest technology paper, Navigating the digital landscape: managing smart buildings, we delve into the complexities of operating smart buildings while exploring the potential benefits of implementing optimisation processes. Here are the key highlights:

  • Managing and operating smart buildings can present both challenges and opportunities. If harnessed effectively, the industry can manage buildings more efficiently, both from a financial and ESG perspective while also improving the tenant experience. 
  • A new skillset requirement is emerging in real estate; data asset managers. Prioritising training and upskilling will help maximise the benefits offered by smart buildings. 
  • As technology advances and the industry refines its approach to incorporating new technologies into projects, smart buildings are becoming more accessible

Download the full paper below or visit our new Technology resource page for more related insights.