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In this era of rapid technological growth, investors and managers are improving their methods and redefining traditional approaches in the real estate industry. At INREV, we are committed to fostering awareness and understanding of the latest technological advancements, empowering our members and the industry to adapt and thrive in this evolving landscape.

This page is your gateway to understanding the bridge between technology and the real estate industry. Here you will find a comprehensive repository of resources curated by INREV, including tech papers, articles and reports, as well as highlights from our acclaimed annual Technology Seminar. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an emerging player in the field, our aim is to equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate this exciting frontier with confidence and clarity.

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Technology committee

The committee's goal is to further develop INREV’s position on technology in the non-listed real estate industry. Drive the industry forward by investigating the current and future challenges and opportunities for the non-listed real estate industry. Foster a dialogue between investors, advisors, specialists, and fund managers to increase knowledge and market transparency. The committee will investigate what current technologies are available, how are they used, and what their implications are for the industry.

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Technology Seminar

The rapid evolution of technology is changing the way investors and managers are navigating the real estate industry. In September 2023, INREV held a seminar where industry leaders shared insights on the implications of technology adoption in the industry. 

The seminar covered the following topics: 

  • Key findings of the latest technology paper on ESG Data Collection  
  • An investor’s perspective on technology adoption  
  • The required use of certain technologies for investment managers  
  • Implications of technology adoption on due diligence 

You can find a recording of the seminar and slides from the presentation below.

SAVE THE DATE: Upcoming Technology Seminar | 12 September 2024

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