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Impact Investing

In the last decade, ESG metrics have become a standard part of strategic decision making. More recently, beyond ESG INREV sees impact investing rising to the forefront and recognises that the real estate industry is increasingly paying attention to it. INREV is working on several initiatives around impact investing to help members better position themselves within a potential market. 

INREV defines impact investing as investments made with the intention to generate positive, measurable social and/or environmental impact alongside a financial return (Please see impact investing terms at Global Definitions Database (GDD)). Additionality and intentionality are key factors of impact investing. For Real Estate, the social impact, for example, might occur through developing and providing affordable housing, social housing, healthcare or education units when there is a lack thereof or by using one of the UN SDGs as an impact theme. Furthermore, environmental impact can for example, be achieved by improvement in energy efficiency as a result of sustainable building investments.

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Impact investing case studies

Raising the bar — impact investing in a changing world

Prepared by Nuveen Global


Beyond Alignment: Contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals

Prepared by Franklin Templeton


ESG Viewpoint: A focus on affordable housing

Prepared by BMO Global Asset Management


Global ESG Library

For more impact investing case studies, take a look at the Global ESG Library – a collaboration between INREV and ANREV to showcase and highlight the best examples of ESG in the industry in Europe and Asia Pacific. If you would like to showcase your impact investing examples as a best practice for the global industry, please get in touch with comms@inrev.org to discuss further. 

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ESG Committee

The aim of the committee is to establish a unified view of ESG, increasing understanding of all three aspects, environmental, social and governance, and to promote robust standards of corporate governance that integrate all these aspects for non-listed real estate vehicles. This will help the industry more effectively integrate ESG factors into the real estate investment decision-making process. 

Training courses and events

Impact Investing Seminar

Industry experts discussed the importance and drivers of impact investing, how to measure and report and identify the key challenges faced when looking for suitable impact products. 

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Increasing impact in real estate

As real estate fund managers have become increasingly keen to provide suitable products to meet institutional investors’ demand for real estate impact investments, INREV’s ESG committee has taken steps to provide more clarity and consistency in this important area. Read full article 

ESG all under one roof

In 2019 there is a new addition to the INREV Committee roster – the ESG Committee. This replaces the former Sustainability and the Corporate Governance Committees, and will also take on a remit to cover additional social and governance issues – the ‘S’ and ‘G’ part of ESG. Read full article>

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