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INREV Investor Membership

As an investor led organisation, INREV keeps your needs central to what we do, ensuring you have the right insights and practical guidance at your fingertips. The INREV community comprises of over 470 corporate members with over 20% of them being investor members at all times; giving you plenty of opportunities  to discuss and learn from your peers.  

The additional benefits

All INREV members are able to take advantage of the variety of benefits available to them, but as an investor member of INREV, you have further benefits exclusively available to you. These include:

Investor only analytical tools

Access vehicle level performance to create a customised portfolio for analysis of the vehicles you are invested in. Centralised information from your vehicle managers with their approval. 

Investor only events

Join the Investor Only Seminar and other closed door events exclusive for investors to discuss the latest topics and trends impacting investors in non-listed real estate .

Global Investor Index

By contributing to this index, you can compare your performance with the aggregate  performance of investor peers across the globe. You may slice and dice the data by sectors, regions and the main routes to real estate, while maintaining your data protected. 

The Investor Only Seminar 2021 

The next Investor Only Seminar will take place in Copenhagen on 17 November and will focus on big themes such as the impact of heightened ESG regulation on investment decisions, valuations and risk management, as well as the impact of Carbon Net Zero on property returns. We’ll also be discussing how to deal with new and existing assets.

This seminar will start with a welcome lunch at 13:00.


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Would you like to learn more about how to get the most out of your INREV Investor membership. Reach out to Claudia.Kapp@inrev.org

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Membership Fees

All members gain direct access for unlimited number of employees to the exclusive member-only sections of our website, receive our newsletters, have access to INREV publications and analysis tools and receive invitations to INREV events and training courses. Annual membership fees:

Introductory Membership

The reduced membership fee is €2.500 annually for the first 24 months.

Small Investor Membership

The annual membership fee for the companies with the Real Estate AUM <€ 1 billion.

Large Investor Membership

The annual membership fee for the companies with the Real Estate AUM => € 1 billion.

Introductory Membership Fee

An Introductory Membership Fee is available to investors, according to the INREV investor definition except fund of funds/multi manager or organisations that previously held an INREV membership for the first 24 months. Investors during an introductory fee period are entitled to the same membership benefits as investor members, except for a free seat at the Annual Conference. The reduced membership fee is €2,500 annually for the first 24 months, after which the relevant Investor-membership fee applies.

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