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INREV Standard Data Delivery Sheet (SDDS)

INREV Standard Data Delivery Sheet (SDDS)  

Published on 10 Mar 2020

The INREV Standard Data Delivery Sheet aims to standardise the information exchanged between a fund manager and an investor. Based on a principle similar to the Due Diligence Questionnaire, fund managers are able to enter their fund details in the standardised template which can be downloaded below and sent to investors upon completion. 

An updated version of the SDDS 3.1 including dashboards was released end of January 2017 and is available for members together with a full implementation kit. The SDDS was updated with TGER in 2020. An unprotected version of the SDDS is available upon request, please contact professional.standards@inrev.org

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About SDDS

Standardised data delivery puts everyone on the same page.

The INREV Standard Data Delivery Sheet (SDDS) brings together the numbers that investors need their managers to provide every quarter, on a standardised basis.

The sheet’s latest update, SDDS 3.1, is aligned with current INREV Guidelines and Global Definitions. It is also linked to the INREV Index submission survey, making for easier data capture.

The multitude of data formats used in the market can mean inefficient data handling and administrative overload. The Standard Data Delivery Sheet helps by giving investors information in a common format while letting managers streamline their processes. The SDDS creates operational efficiencies for both.


Structure of the SDDS

INREV SDDS Structure

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Easy access to regular valuation, financing and cash flow information on a vehicle in a standard structure has helped advance the professionalism and further transparency in thenon-listed real estate industry. From its relatively opaque state ten years ago, the industry is now in a much clearer position with regard to the structure of holdings and how their performance is evolving over time.

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Reporting committee

To improve the consistency and presentation of information and encourage greater transparency in reporting to investors and the market in general, the reporting committee continuously develops the INREV Guidelines for Reporting, Property Valuation, INREV NAV, and Fee & Expense Metrics, and the SDDS.

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