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Corporate Governance Tutorial  

Published on 18 Aug 2014

This tutorial will inform you about the Corporate Governance Module which includes the Corporate Governance Guidelines as well as the Self Assessment tool. INREV’s objective is to establish common standards of corporate governance for non-listed real estate vehicles with institutional investors. As the corporate governance module belongs to the guideline’s best practice modules compliance is not a simple black-and-white question but an evaluation process based on the 7 INREV principles of corporate governance.

Fee and Expense Metrics Tutorial  

Published on 07 Aug 2014

The fee and expense metrics tutorial provides an explanation of the module including the calculation and disclosure of selected fee and expanse metrics for both Total Expense Ratios (TER) and the Real Estate Expense Ratio (REER).

Liquidity Tutorial  

Published on 04 Jun 2014

The liquidity self tutorial provides an overview of the liquidity and secondary market trading aspects of the INREV Guidelines 2014.

It examines the different aspects of the liquidity guidelines as well as the objectives and the adoption framework.

NAV Tutorial  

Published on 03 Jun 2014

Jef Holland presents the INREV NAV module of the INREV Guidelines, including background information, adjustments, computation, disclosure requirements and Q&A.

Property Valuation Tutorial  

Published on 02 Jun 2014

John Ravoisin presents the valuation module of the INREV Guidelines, including guidance on the independence, qualification of the extranl valuer, valuation fees, the valuation process, external and internal valuations.

Reporting Tutorial  

Published on 02 May 2014

Michael Hornsby presents the reporting module of the INREV Guidelines.

This module includes background on the reporting guidelines, a description of whom the reporting guidelines apply to, describes what is included in the reporting guidelines, and explains where to find more info.