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Congratulations to the recent INREV / Henley Certificate graduates 

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the recent graduates of the INREV Henley Certificate in non listed real estate.

  • Eduard Bossauer     EY
  • Olle Overbosch        ASR Real Estate
  • Tessa Teuwen          Bouwinvest Real Estate Investors

The INREV Henley Certificate in non- listed real estate is the only academically accredited certification available in the non- listed real estate industry giving you a truly competitive edge among your peers. To obtain the certificate, you just need to enroll in one of the two learning paths on offer: Portfolio Management or Corporate Finance. Each path consists of three elective mandatory courses and two further elective courses. After completing the five courses, a final assessment is taken within three months and then the certificate is yours. 

Did you already take a couple of INREV courses in the past? Why not check if those courses are eligible for attaining the certificate? You could already be on the way.. For more info, reach out to Rachel.chow@inrev.org