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INREV/Henley Certificate

Broaden your knowledge of active portfolio management - programme now available

INREV Training courses

Join the INREV Portfolio Management course to improve your understanding of the concepts, tools, and strategies used in the management of portfolios of non-listed real estate investments, learn why investors should actively manage their indirect investments and get an update on recent techniques for optimising the returns of existing portfolios.

The course will be held in Amsterdam on 28 June and it qualifies towards the INREV/ Henley Certificate.

Learn how to construct the optimal portfolio

Join us in Helsinki on 22 March to learn how to construct a non-listed real estate portfolio in today’s market. In this popular one day course, we will look at how investors decide their allocations to real estate to build optimal portfolios by size, location and product availability. 

We will examine the fundamentals of portfolio construction theory, possible applications and the limitations of real estate portfolios, while considering important strategic issues such as fees, leverage, risk strategies and fund manager selection.