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Streamline your reporting process with the INREV SDDS

Since 2012, investment managers have been using the INREV Standard Data Delivery Sheet (SDDS) to standardise the information exchange with their investors. 

The SDDS allows managers to enter their vehicle details in a standardised template which can be sent directly to the investors, streamlining the process, enhancing efficiency and raising the accessibility of key valuation, financial and cash flow information. 

In the just released INREV Trends in Investor Reporting Study, 95% of participants said that they shared quantitative data with investors through their Annual Report or via the INREV SDDS. 

Mariëlle van der Star, Associate Client Care, CBRE Investment Management recently shared a few words on how the INREV SDDS has helped CBRE Investment Management to streamline their reporting process, going from previously using a number of bespoke templates and reports to using the SDDS which has helped to provide a much improved service for all of their investor. Watch the full testimonial here

Why not start using the INREV SDDS today?