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Tax and Regulations Briefing

Missed last week's briefing on Global IRR Index and Cash Conservation Methods?

Last week, we held two briefings:

On Thursday 30 April we held a briefing on the new Global IRR Index together with ANREV and NCREF where we shared insights on closed end, non-core fund performance in Asia, Europe and the US. 

You can also take a look at the latest INREV IQ article, 'On the Money' about the launch of the new Global IRR Index. 


Join Thursday's online briefings on tax related conservation strategies and Global IRR

This Thursday 30 April, members can join two online briefings. 

Join us at 09:30 CET / 08:30 UK for the monthly Tax and Regulatory briefing call on the topic of ‘Tax related cash conservation strategies using COVID-19 relief measures’, presented by Henk de Graaf, Tax Partner at Deloitte in Amsterdam who will discuss this timely and important topic.

Please note the format of the Tax and Regulatory briefing call has changed, members must now register in advance to participate in this interactive web based briefing.