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Welcome to the Reporting 2014 Assessment


What's included in this section

  1. Performance and fees
  2. Annual and interim reporting
  3. Portfolio allocation and strategy
  4. Valuation and market analysis
  5. Vehicle operation and development
  6. Structure and risk management
  7. Sustainability strategy and objectives - mandatory
  8. Sustainability portfolio and environmental data - mandatory

This checklist allows to assess the level of compliance with the INREV Reporting Guidelines. It summarises the disclosure requirements for annual and interim reporting that need to be fulfilled to state compliance with the module.

The annual report is commonly composed of the annual review of the performance and activities of the vehicle for the year and the financial statements. As well as an annual report, managers should provide interim reports to investors, whose frequency and level of detail should be defined in the fund documentation. Interim reports commonly aim to update investors on the activities and performances of the vehicle during the period covered, and provide details of any significant changes that have or could have a material impact on the vehicle’s organisation, governance and risk profile.

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