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INREV Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)  

Published on 29 Jun 2022

The INREV NDA has been based on the various disclosure agreements used in the industry and the development of the NDA was overseen by the Due Diligence Committee. The purpose of this standard is to replace the wide variety of NDAs currently being used in the industry, decreasing the time to review the various NDA’s and increase overall efficiency.

INREV Guidelines - Change Procedure  

Published on 23 Mar 2022

Since the launch of the revised Guidelines in April 2014, INREV received a growing number of questions and comments from members and non-members regarding the interpretation, adoption and implementation of the Guidelines. A document below describes the change procedure for updates to the INREV Guidelines. 

INREV Guidelines  

Published on 26 Jan 2022

Take 2 minutes to view an essential video on the ins and outs of the INREV Guidelines