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Industry views on use of shell entities for tax purposes sent to EC  

Published on 09 Nov 2021

INREV and 11 other industry associations representing real estate, private equity and venture capital sent a joint letter to the Commission on 29 October regarding the recent shell entities consultation. We argue that recently adopted measures targeting tax avoidance should be allowed to work before new measures are introduced. Click here to learn more.

Debt Vehicles Universe 2021 Briefing  

Published on 05 Nov 2021

Apwinder Foster, Head of Product Strategy at DRC Savills Investment Management, Justin Curlow, Global Head of Research & Strategy, Real Assets at AXA Real Estate Investment Managers SA and Oscar Fusco, Research and Analytics Manager at INREV discuss key highlights of the Debt Vehicles Universe 2021.

Updated Member Directory 2021  

Published on 28 Oct 2021