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INREV Annual Index exceeds €200 billion in NAV

The All Funds Index posted a total return of 6.05% in 2019, down from 8.21% recorded in the previous year, according to the results of the INREV Annual Index 2020. 

Key highlights of INREV Annual Index 2020:

  • The All Funds Index exceeded €200 billion NAV in 2019 for the first time in the index history
  • Core funds outperformed value added, posting an annual return of 6.20% and 4.57% respectively
  • UK focus funds posted the lowest among the single country strategies, recording an annual return of 0.78% over 2019
  • Residential and industrial / logistics funds delivered double digit returns in the last year
  • Retail funds recorded the worst annual return since 2010, posting an annual return of -3.77% over 2019

View detailed analysis via the Index Analysis Tool or download the report, Excel and snapshots below.


INREV Annual Index  

Published on 26 Apr 2022

The INREV index is a performance index for the European non-listed real estate funds investing 90% of GAV or more in Europe. The INREV Index measures annual Net Asset Value based performance. The information for the annual index goes back to 2001. The Annual Index is published in the third week of April. INREV members are able to analyse the INREV Index in more depth on the INREV website using the INREV Index Analysis Tool..org (47)