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A day to remember

The INREV Asset Level Index takes off Read more

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A see-through asset class

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the great financial crash. So disastrous for so many, the crash demonstrated the global systematic problems across all asset classes at the time, with the real estate industry being no exception. Indeed, the crisis began in the subprime mortgage market in the United States. A large part of the problem was a lack of visibility of the underlying debt risk. And so far as real estate is concerned, perceived opacity has long plagued the industry. Read more

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Family Affairs

Martin Lemke, Managing Director of family office investor AM Alpha, recently spoke to IQ magazine about how his organisation works and his reasons for getting involved with INREV, as Chair of the Investor Advisory Council (IAC) and a member of the Management Board. Read more


Bringing technology down to earth

Most of those involved with non-listed real estate now agree that digital innovation is set to bring big changes to the industry. But the range of potential uses of new technologies – even those that have already been identified – is mind-boggling. Read more


Doing the right things right

Most members know that the INREV Management Board is responsible for setting the organisation's strategy. But fewer may be aware of how it works and that a crucial aspect of the Board's remit is to be available and accessible to the members.  Read more

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Investors warm to Spain

IQ Magazine interviewed Cristina García-Peri, Head of Business Development & Strategy at real estate investment manager Azora, who have recently joined INREV, about the buoyant Spanish market. Read more