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Open End Fund Pricing  

Published on 13 Apr 2021

Altera Vastgoed: The use and necessity of ESG Benchmarking in Real Estate  

Published on 09 Feb 2021

Sustainable real-estate investments are often characterised by various sustainability benchmarks and certificates, which set varying requirements. How do these efforts result in a more sustainable organisation? To what extent can the organisation’s sustainability performance be assessed by the market?

A case study prepared by Altera Vastgoed

Altera Vastgoed ESG Library Case Study ESG Benchmarks

AREIM Sustainability ESG Strategy Case Study  

Published on 02 Feb 2021

AREIM's Sustainability Report is an example of how ESG strategy has been implemented within the organisation. The report serves as an example of how to build a strategy and identify the objectives through a stakeholder engagement process and materiality assessment. 

COIMA: City Impact Fund - ESG Strategy Case Study  

Published on 02 Feb 2021

In July 2020, COIMA SGR received equity commitments of €400 million for the first close of the COIMA ESG City Impact Fund, the first urban regeneration ESG fund to be launched in Italy. With an open collaborative structure including co investments, partnership and financial leverage, the fund is targeting further equity raises up to €1 billion, to create a total investment capacity of over €4 billion.

The case for gender-lens investing in a post-COVID world  

Published on 02 Feb 2021

In November 2019, Patron Capital announced its intention to establish the Women in Safe Homes (WISH) Fund, believed to be the world’s first gender-lens property fund, alongside Resonance and Big Society Capital. The fund will be a solution to the lack of affordable, safe and secure homes for women who are experiencing homelessness, have been involved with the criminal justice system, are survivors of domestic abuse or have other complex needs.

INREV NAV - GAAP Comparison Templates 2020  

Published on 08 Dec 2020

These templates gives additional insight into the applicability of the INREV NAV adjustments for specific GAAPs to come to the fair value of the underlying assets and liabilities and to adjust for the spreading of costs that will benefit different generations of investors.