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How to guide: Asset Level Index  

Published on 20 Sep 2022

In the September Research and Market Information Briefing, Jeanne Besner and Connor van Leeuwen presented the latest results on the Asset Level Index Q2 2022 publication, demonstrated the usability of the index from the user perspective and highlighted the plans for the index moving forward.

Asset Level ESG Data Collection Briefing  

Published on 25 May 2022

Playback the Asset Level ESG data collection briefing where INREV discussed the preliminary results of the INREV Asset Level ESG data collection and how INREV can best tailor its proposition for the industry when it comes to the analysis and key outputs of ESG KPIs.

INREV recognises its role to drive industry level transparency on the topic of ESG performance data and we are interested in hearing your ideas about our newest initiative and proposition and how we can position the ESG related analysis to add value to the already existing internal and external frameworks and tools.

INREV Annual Conference 2022  

Published on 08 Feb 2022