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INREV Guidelines: Performance Measurement and Governance modules updated 

In 2021, seven years after the last major revision, we embarked on a comprehensive review of the INREV Guidelines, to see if additional guidance or changes to the existing guidelines were needed to make them fit for purpose for the future of our industry. 

The result of phase one of the review led to a revision of the Performance Measurement and the Governance modules of the INREV Guidelines. After member consultation and review by the committees and steering group the updated modules are now ready for use. 

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There will then be a transition period to give organisation’s time to put the updated guidelines into effect. Starting with reporting periods ending on or after 31 December 2022 the updated modules will be required to claim compliance with the INREV Guidelines. They will also be accompanied by a change log so that changes from the old versions are clearly identifiable. We are now gearing up for phase two where we will once again ask for member feedback on a revision of the Reporting and Property Valuation modules, introduce a Sustainability module and make updates to the SDDS.

You will hear more about this in the second half of the year.