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Young Professionals Seminar 2020

, Online

Join us via “Zoom” for this event especially designed for INREV Young Professionals on Thursday 10 December from 14:00 – 18:00 CET.

We’re joined by industry experts who will present the current outlook for real estate together with the short and long term impact of Covid-19 on our industry. The programme also includes the latest insights about the rebirth and renewal of the non-listed real estate industry and how we can 'rethink' real estate.

We’re also joined by an investor panel sharing their views on the current industry landscape. To make this seminar interactive, we will also organise small group discussion enabling you to meet up with your peers and interact with senior INREV members. This event is open for members up to the age of 35 years.

For questions please contact tom.vink@inrev.org

Special thanks are extended to PGIM Real Estate who are the sponsors of the INREV Young Professionals Online Seminar 2020






  • This meeting will be hosted on Zoom


Please download the programme here

Download programme

14:00 CET Start

17:00 CET Close of the conference

17:00 CET Virtual cocktail party

18:00 CET End


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