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The INREV Foundation Course is the perfect opportunity for newcomers to the industry to get to grips with the fundamentals of non-listed real estate. Between 1 February and 5 March, INREV will host the Foundation Course online via seven eLearning modules, homework assignments, live Q&A’s and case studies, all spread out into manageable chunks of 3-4 hours content per week.

INREV introduces the eLearning INREV Foundation Course. In seven different eLearning modules spread over a period of five weeks (workload 3-4 hours per week), this eLearning course is designed to give you an introduction to the major aspects of the non-listed real estate industry. It will help you understand the dynamics of the real estate investment market and benefits for non-listed investors; what the drivers and strategies are for the different players in the sector, and how INREV supports market INREV improves transparency, professionalism and best practice across the sector, making the asset class more attractive to investors.

The course is aimed at newcomers to the non-listed real estate investment industry, including investors, investment managers and advisors but is also ideal for those with a year or two of experience in a specific role who wish to benefit from a more practical knowledge of other aspects of the sector. 

The main learning objectives for the INREV Foundation Course are:

  • Understand the dynamics of the non-listed investing universe and role of the different players and products
  • Recognise the importance of industry guidelines and the role INREV plays in supporting standardisation
  • Build a basic understanding of key metrics and processes adopted by the industry

For each of the five weeks, we look at a different aspect of the market. You will watch videos on the topics from industry professionals and deepen your understanding and working knowledge through interactive templates, case studies and assignments.

Access to the INREV Foundation Course will be available for members only and we have limited seats available. The costs for participating in the eLearning course are €750.



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Fees & Terms


eLearning Foundation Course (€ 750)

Terms and conditions


1.1. This INREV eLearning course is open to Member Representatives only. 

1.2. For Representatives, the Membership Terms and Conditions fully apply to INREV eLearning modules. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between any provisions of these eLearning modules Terms and Conditions and the Membership Terms and Conditions, first the eLearning modules Terms and Conditions and then the Membership Terms and Conditions shall prevail.

1.3. Representatives will hereinafter together be referred to as “Applicants”.

1.4. The costs of attending the INREV Foundation Course eLearning (Attendance Fee) is €750 for members.

1.5. Admission to this eLearning course is subject to registration and subsequent written confirmation of that registration by INREV. Please note that limited seats per member organisation are available (limited to three seats per member organisation).

1.6. All personal data provided to INREV by Applicants, during the application process or afterwards, will be processed in accordance with the Privacy Statement of INREV, which can be found on the INREV website.


Cancellation and no-show policy

2.1. After registration for the eLearning course, cancellation is possible if that cancellation request is written to inrev@training.org before Friday 15 January 2021. From Friday 15 January 2021 the full fee is due.

2.2 In case of a no-show the full fee is due.

2.3 Just like during a regular INREV training course, we expect all participants to attend all live sessions and actively participate during the eLearning course. If a participant fails to attend a session the participant will not receive the Certificate of Attendance for the eLearning course. 

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